Free content marketing resources to help you with content creation, content publishing, content promotion, performance tracking, and more.

Downloadable Resources & Templates

Content Topic Ideas Worksheet

Quickly identify 30+ topic ideas that are relevant to your target audience and help you attract more clients online. 

Content Promotion Checklist

Choose from 25+ content promotion ideas to help drive more views or visitors to your content.

Webinar Presentation Template

Use this template to outline compelling webinars presentations that convert prospects into clients for your business.

Marketing Metrics Tracking Sheet

Use our tracking sheet to measure your key marketing metrics and calculate your content marketing ROI on a monthly basis.

Blog Post SEO Checklist

Use this checklist to help your blog posts rank higher in search results for their primary keywords and generate more organic traffic.

One Year Content Plan

Use this framework to quickly plan an entire year's worth of evergreen content to drive more traffic, leads, and sales for your business.

Customer Research Surveys

Use these customer research survey templates to help uncover content topics and product or service ideas from your audience and customers.

Video Content Script

Use our video script template to help create compelling video content that attracts and converts your target audience.