3 Simple Ways To Create Video Content For Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur who is building your brand or growing your business online? If you are, you may already know about the importance of creating video content.

Creating video content comes with challenges. It can be time-consuming, difficult to set up, and even be scary at first. If you’ve never created video content before, it may not be easy for you to get on camera and share you message.

Let’s cover three types of videos that are easy to create. You can start creating these right away to promote your business.

1. Screencast video

If you don’t want to set up a camera, you don’t have enough time, or you are just starting, this is a great option for you. You don’t have to worry about what you look like on the video because you won’t be in it. You can just bring up any visual to put in your video. It could be a website, a browser, or PowerPoint slides.

A screencast video is easy to create yet effective in attracting your target audience and potential clients for your business. You can record the screen while you talk, or you may choose to not talk at all. There are videos that consist of PowerPoint slides with just simple background music.

You also don’t need any equipment other than a laptop and a screen recording software. Sometimes, this type of video is more useful than talking to a camera if you want to demonstrate something with a screen share.

2. Smartphone video

This type of video can simply be recorded using your smartphone (and almost everybody got a smartphone!) You just hold out your phone and start talking. You can be in your car, you could be eating your lunch, you could be sitting in your office. You could be anywhere!

Today, most people are on their mobile devices when they’re looking at social media. If you’re doing a vertical video and upload them on social media, people are likely to watch your video right then and there on their mobile device. Vertical videos recorded through smartphones are getting great engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms as well.

Even if you use the front camera which doesn’t always have the highest quality, people will still like it because it’s real and authentic. It’s not rehearsed or polished. It’s just you at the moment, sharing your message.

3. Webcam video

This type of video doesn’t need to have any special lighting or special effects. All you need is a computer and a webcam. Most of us have webcams on our laptops anyway.

You can use this in conjunction with Facebook Live, which is a very powerful thing to do. You may also choose to pre-record it. Just by hitting the “record” button, you’ll get a full-frame video of you sharing your message to the world.

Over 80% of the World’s Internet Traffic Is Video

The majority of traffic on the internet is video traffic. People are consuming video content over 80% in 2019. So if you’re an entrepreneur who is growing your brand online, trying to build your audience, or attracting clients online, you need to start creating video content. As you do, may these three types of videos help get rid of the barriers to creating a video for you.

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Tyler Basu

Tyler Basu is the Co-Founder of Influencer Studio, a content marketing agency that provides content strategy consulting and done-for-you content marketing services to startups and entrepreneurs.

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